Building and Maintaining Trust

Course Bundle: Building and Maintaining Trust (Category A) - 2.0 hours/PDUs (Category A)This bundle includes:
  * "Building Trust"
  * "Rebuilding Trust" 
Rebuilding Trust - 1.0 hour/PDU (PMI Activity No. pd_15_a02_bs_enus)This course will provide key insight into the cost of lost trust including its negative impacts on performance, morale, and ultimately the bottom line. How to rebuild trust once it's lost and maintain trust over time will also be addressed.
Building Trust - 1.0 hour/PDU (PMI Activity No. pd_15_a01_bs_enus)This course provides invaluable insight into the impact of trust and distrust in the workplace. It also addresses the importance of fostering trusting relationships at work and how to build and sustain trust with your colleagues.