Managing Technical Professionals

The following are the "Managing Technical Professionals" bundle courses.
Course Bundle: Managing Technical Professionals - 14.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:
  • "Understanding Technical Professionals"
  • "Attracting, Motivating, and Retaining Technical Professionals"
  • "Models for Managing Technical Professionals"
  • "Developing Career Plans for Your Technical Professionals"
Understanding Technical Professionals - 2.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)As a manager, have you felt that technical professionals are sometimes difficult to understand? Do you find that the usual management models are not as effective as they could be? This course explains the ways in which these employees differ from other workers and how you can apply more appropriate and effective management techniques. You will also learn how business has responded with new corporate structures and management strategies to meet the challenges of the new high-technology economy wi
Attracting, Motivating, and Retaining Technical Professionals - 3.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)If you're having problems finding and keeping technical professionals, you're not alone. In our financially competitive and technologically advanced business world, technical professionals are in great demand. Managers need to find ways to attract top-performing technical employees and keep them once they're on the job. In fact, surveys show that managers list attracting, motivating, and retaining these technical professionals as one of their most challenging tasks. This course is designed to he
Models for Managing Technical Professionals - 4.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)Because technical professionals set a high value on autonomy, managing their time and resources can be a difficult task. But, since it's your job to supervise this often-frustrating yet extremely valuable group of employees, you need to figure out the best way to do it. And this "best way" may vary from company to company and from individual to individual. In this course you'll learn a variety of ways to motivate, manage, and lead technical professionals and how to get and keep your technical te
Developing Career Plans for Your Technical Professionals - 3.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)Why should you be interested in career development for the technical professionals you supervise? Because it's good for them, good for your company, and good for you. One of your major challenges as a manager of technical people is retaining them. And you may also need to recruit technical people to fill higher-level positions in your company. This course will help you use career development as a technique to both motivate and retain technical professionals, as well as to place some of them on c
Managing Technical Professionals SimulationBeech & Stern Instrumentation is a medical engineering firm that specializes in the development of cardiac and pulmonary devices. Founded by a former chief of thoracic surgery and a biotechnical engineer, the company has been in operation for nearly three years and has grown rapidly. But with the increasing pace of growth and the diminishing involvement of the founders, Beech & Stern is at a crossroads in its development. Competition is fierce, and the company is experiencing difficulty in its