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About Project Management Training Online
Project Management Training Online is focused entirely on providing the best professional online training to the project management community.

We believe in continuous learning, growth, and realizing the possibility of reinventing one's self...because we live in a world where accelerated change demands frequent and accelerated learning.  And we believe that the project management and related training offered on this site is true to this belief.

And we believe that YOU, as an individual professional...or your organization...should have access to the same training that some of the biggest organizations around use.  

You want to be on the cutting edge...and we understand that...so we provide professional project management training aligned with the best frameworks (i.e. PMBOK Guide of the Project Management Institute, PRINCE2, Business Analysis, ITIL, Six Sigma,...) combined with best practices for developing online training. And with our large catalog of professional online training, you will find something that helps you raise your game to the next level...and continue your education and development (and earn PDUs) in ways that you can apply right away and become a  more effective, on-the-move, upwardly mobile professional.

About the quality and effectiveness of our professional online training

instructional design philosophyYou will find the benefits of online training are clear and compelling.  And that's why they're at the center of what we offer...because you are busy...and need to move quickly...and often.  Online training enables you to choose from hundreds of courses...and find - and quickly obtain - training of interest that you can put to use right away.   And not wait on anyone's schedule but your own.  And access it 24x7...in the comfort of your own home and office...and then move on to the next thing.

How is it that our online training is constructed so that it delivers the continuing education that you need?

It's actually a well-orchestrated process

It starts with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who begin to plan, build, and review content for accuracy and currency.  These SMEs have extensive industry experience in business education, training and professional development, as well as postgraduate degrees and certification qualifications (including PMP) in project management and related areas.

You are an experienced professional...and the training is designed especially for you.  Here's how...

The Instructional Design Model draws heavily from adult learning principles that emphasize learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning.  The model incorporates concepts of performance-oriented instruction, mastery and the sequencing of instructional activities and strategies.

The design of each course typically starts with the definition of performance objectives of experienced and seasoned professionals like you...and then selects and implements proven instructional strategies and learning activities to meet those objectives.

Each course is also designed to be highly interactive, engaging, and instructionally effective...with frequent practice questions or exercises plus special assessments to measure your achievement of those objectives.

So...you can see a bit about how and why this robust, yet flexible, design methodology results in a top quality product (regardless of the content focus or level of learning) specifically for you, the experienced adult learner.

Our experience makes a difference
We have been providing quality online project management training on this site for since 2006...

...and the professionals at Project Management Training Online - have been managing projects for over 25 years in such diverse areas as construction, manufacturing, information technology, defense and more.

We have experienced wrenching changes in the marketplace...made career changes...updated our skills...re-made ourselves....  We understand the kind of training resources you need to maintain and enhance your career, your effectiveness and your ability to stay employed.

We also provide fresh perspectives and insights in the field of project management on PMcrunch as well as other popular project management venues on the web.

Project Management Training Online is part of Pro Training Online, which also provides online professional training in a number of professional areas.