Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and answers. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Note that most common questions will be answered and you will be able to experience the training directly when you Try for Free!

Q: Do your PMP prep courses count toward the 23 hour or 35 hour project management training requirements when applying to take the CAPM or PMP exam?

A: Absolutely! The Project Management Institute (PMI) recognizes these PMP prep courses as quality professional project management training, and will recognize the training when you apply. In fact, the courses were created in cooperation with the PMI and are aligned with "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOKĀ® Guide) - Fourth Edition", the current version published by the Project Management Institute (PMIĀ®), Inc., and the one that is the basis for the current PMP and CAPM exams. Upon completion of each course, you simply print an offical certificate on our Learning Portal.  The certiticate lists PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) Skillsoft (REP #1008 as the instructor,and you simply need to keep the certificate in your files in case the PMI audits your application and requests it. You can actually try a course for free and earn PDUs or project management training credit hours for your PMP application - and print the certificate as described. See our "Try for Free!" page for further details.

Q: How are courses credited toward PDU's for purposes on continuing PMI/PMP certification?

A: Project Management Training Online is focused entirely on providing project management training to support professional PM and related business certification, including PMP certification.  Among our business relationships, we are a direct Business Partner of Skillsoft, Registered Education Provider (REP #1008) of the PMI.  For most courses, our Learning Portal allows you to easily print a valid certificate (Category A courses) or a course completion transcript (Category B courses), acceptable to the PMI, directly from our Learning Portal when you complete any course. You can then submit PDUs to the PMI under Category A or Category B, as marked in the title of each course on our site.  We fully guarantee acceptance of your PDU submissions to the PMI, eliminating any risk to you.  For more information on claiming Category A or Category B PDUs, see our PDUs page.

Q: What happens once I decide to take a course?

A: Once you have identified the course or course bundle, add it to your shopping cart, then check out. Once this is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, then another email within 24 hours with instructions on accessing your training, typically on our Learning Portal site (requires user name and pw).

Q: How long do I have access to the online training courses, and what if I need to extend?

A: You have access to training courses for a specified period from time of purchase, usually 3 months. If you cannot complete your training of 3-month duration, you can easily extend by 3 months at any time for a fraction of the cost and continue where you left off.  See our EXTENSION page.

Unless otherwise specified for a given course or bundle, you have as follows:

  • Certification training, PDU course bundles, and single courses - 3 months
  • Live online Instructor Led training (ILT) and Knowledge Centers - 1 year
  • PMP and CAPM Premium exam simulations - 1 year
  • Podcasts - no expiration
Note that the idea with the 3 month duration is that you are much better off getting any training done ASAP, and not dragging it out.  Otherwise, procrastination sets in - and we find this is the biggest problem people have.  If you are preparing for an exam, you can easily forget what you learned in the beginning if it was 6 months or a year ago!  Plus, 3 month duration is most cost effective for you, if you can get it done, but you always have the flexibility to extend in 3 month increments for a minimum charge - which can be done even with a lapse of time between.

Q: What support is available if I have technical problems with a course?

A: A full spectrum of support is available to meet your needs: self service, email, instant messaging, and phone.  Support for technical issues is available 24x7. See the pmtrainingonline Support page for further details. Support resources are available to you equally whether you purchase or "Try for Free".

Q: How can Project Management Training Online help me to earn PDUs?

A: The Project Management Institute (PMI) specifies many options for earning PDUs. The online training we provide earns PDUs for you under "Category A" or "Category B", where there are no limits to how many PDUs you can claim.  Most of our training qualifies as "Category A", which is Registered Education Provider (REP) training, and some training is "Category B" as marked, and in all cases our PDUs guarantee applies to all courses marked as Category A or B. See our "Earn PDUs!" page for further details and instructions. 

Q: Is Project Management Training Online accredited?

A: There is no "accreditation" per se. However, the Project Management Institute (PMI) does have a Registered Education Provider (REP) program which provides one way to satisfy PDU requirements using "Category A training". Most of our courses - those marked "Category A" - as listed on the PMI site under the REP program (Skillsoft, REP #1008), but additional training marked under "Category B" will be equally acceptable (see our PDUs guarantee).  Note that because of our partnerships, Project Management Training Online has elected not to join the PMI REP program, but our customers still get all of the benefits of REP status.  If you have specific questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact the PMI directly, as they are very accessible and helpful about answering questions.

Accreditation also applies to other areas, and where applicable, our courses are fully accredited.  For example,our Business Analysis training, ITIL training, and PRINCE2 training has been reviewed and accredited or endorsed by the respective authoritative organizations pertaining to those certifications.  See the specific page for the specific certification for details.

Q: How can Project Management Training Online help me to pass the PMP or CAPM exam?

A: Here's how we can help, but first please request the "PMP and CAPM Certification Demystified" White Paper and free course for detailed explanations of what you need to do to decide on this and succeed.  

We can help by providing a very comprehensive collection of online training, including lively and engaging bootcamp-style online Instructor-Led Training (ILT); a Knowledge Center approach that builds certification AND hands-on skills over time and can earn you multiple certifications and PDUs; web-based interactive training which includes printable materials, exam simulations, and PMP Prep podcasts - all packaged for your optimal use and convenience and at a very affordable price. Add to that access to 24x7 mentoring with trained PMPs, who can help you through any difficult study problem. See our PMP exam prep page for more details, and here are a few tips:

  1. Go through the training in no more than 3 months. Set a schedule, and stick to it. Review for familiarity the appropriate section of the PMBOK (join the PMI and download pdf for free) after you cover topic in the training.
  2. The material will be reinforced while taking each course. If you are on a tough topic, print out the study aids that are part of the particular online training module. Within a week or so after completing the course, do some questions on the topic within the exam simulation.
  3. Take one complete PMP or CAPM exam simulation right up front. See how you do, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will make you a little sharper and alert for information as you continue the online training. Take another full PMP or CAPM exam simulation every 3-4 weeks, even if you have not finished the courses.
  4. In the last month, focus work with the simulations on your trouble areas by using the flash cards and topic specific study mode.
  5. Shoot for 80-90% scores on the tests as you get close to the test. In order to receive PMI credit for any training, yo must achieve a minimum of 70% on all tests within the training.
  6. If you need to, read books, online, audios, or any other materials that you can find to see things from different angles and approaches.

    Q: Is the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide included in the PMP and CAPM training?

    A: It is included with the online Instructor Led Training (ILT) Live Learning option as well as the Project Management Knowledge Center option.  With our other options, the PMBOK Guide is not included, but if you join the PMI at, you will receive a pdf of the PMBOK Guide free of charge (plus you will save more than the cost of your first year of membership on your exam fee).  Note that all of our training is closely mapped to the latest PMBOK Guide.