Leadership KnowledgeCenter™ Portal
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The Leadership KnowledgeCenter (KC) is a single, focused interface where you can receive instant and ongoing skill development and performance support.

Within the KC, you receive much of the same online training you find on this site...for a full year...and much more!  The training is laid out and contained in 'Learning Roadmaps' (if you subscribe, you can access all areas) in the following areas:

Learning about leadership... Applying leadership... Support for leaders...

Includes the following course bundles:

    • Leadership Essentials
    • Business Execution
    • Workforce Generations
    • Emotional Intelligence Essentials
    • Leading teams
    • Anger Management Essentials
    • Employee Engagement
    • Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact
    • Creating a Positive Work Environment

      Includes the following course bundles:

        • The Fundamentals of Business Crisis Management
        • Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic thinker
        • Leading and Implementing Sustainable Green Business Strategies
        • Communicating Effectively with the "C" Level
        • Managing Experts
        • Customer Focus
        • The Fundamentals of Globalization
           Includes the following course bundles:

          • Building Improved Work Relationships
          • Basic Presentation Skills
          • Constructive Feedback and Criticism
          • Business Coaching Essentials
          • Fundamentals of Cross-cultural Communication
          • Critical Thinking Essentials

          Leadership training knowledge center

          The KC offers a breadth of targeted learning resources including:

          • Formal learning paths
          • Informal, on-the-job learning
          • A range of other resources

          These tools and resources are carefully selected by leadership Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - who are also available to be your mentors - and presented in a user-friendly environment that

          • Allows you instant access to trusted content
          • Enables hands-on learning
          • Provides an array of resources, including books, videos, and online training
          • Is designed challenge and motivate you to the next level

          This one stop portal allows you access to a diverse array of information to speed your ownership and application in your own real-time environment:

          • Articles
          • Courses
          • Online books
          • Hands-on SkillSim™ Business Simulations
          • Useful job aids and SkillBriefs

          The Reference Area of the Leadership KC includes:

          • View selected or all Books24x7® titles that pertain to leadership
          • Search & Learn access to all assets in the KC

          Whether you are new to leadership or are a seasoned leader, there are resources in the KC for you -
          with a Focus On Performance to get you to the next level.  That includes YOU  if you want to:

          • Learn about leadership
          • Apply your leadership skills
          • Gain support with your leadership challenges