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While it is highly beneficial to use the Leadership Knowledge Center over time, increasing the amount of material and your retention as well as your ability to continually apply what you are learning, we do have a way that you can easily try it out for a month if you like:

In a nutshell, here's what you get:

  • Leadership-focused soft skills PDUs training - OVER 100 PDUs available
  • Hand-picked books, videos, and other resources on leadership topics
Set some goals.  Get some new skills and put them to work!  Become a master!

Here are the details.  The Leadership Knowledge Center (LEAD KC) is your single, focused interface where you can receive instant and ongoing skill development and performance support.  Within the KC, you receive much of the same online training you find on PMTrainingOnline.com...and much more!  The training is laid out in 'Learning Roadmaps' as follows:

Learning about leadership... Applying leadership... Support for leaders...

Includes the following course bundles:

    • Leadership Essentials
    • Business Execution
    • Workforce Generations
    • Emotional Intelligence Essentials
    • Leading teams
    • Anger Management Essentials
    • Employee Engagement
    • Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact
    • Creating a Positive Work Environment
    • Making Cross-functional Teams Work
    • Delegation Essentials
    • Developing a Culture of Learning
    • Essential Mentoring Techniques

      Includes the following course bundles:

        • Setting and Managing Organizational Priorities
        • Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic thinker
        • Leading and Implementing Sustainable Green Business Strategies
        • Communicating Effectively with the "C" Level
        • Managing Experts
        • Customer Focus
        • The Fundamentals of Globalization
        • Developing a Culture of Learning
           Includes the following course bundles:

          • Building Improved Work Relationships
          • Basic Presentation Skills
          • Constructive Feedback and Criticism
          • Business Coaching Essentials
          • Fundamentals of Cross-cultural Communication
          • Critical Thinking Essentials
          • The Voice of Leadership
          • Business Law Essentials
          • Managing during Difficult Times
          • Effective Succession Planning
          • Developing Strategic Thinking Acumen

          Leadership training knowledge center

          The KC offers a breadth of targeted learning resources including:

          • Formal learning paths
          • Informal, on-the-job learning
          • A range of other resources

          These tools and resources are carefully selected by leadership Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - who are also available to be your mentors - and presented in a user-friendly environment that

          • Allows you instant access to trusted content
          • Enables hands-on learning
          • Provides an array of resources, including books, videos, and online training
          • Is designed challenge and motivate you to the next level

          This one stop portal allows you access to a diverse array of information to speed your ownership and application in your own real-time environment:

          • Articles
          • Courses
          • Online books
          • Hands-on SkillSim™ Business Simulations
          • Useful job aids and SkillBriefs

          The Reference Area of the Leadership KC includes:

          • View selected or all Books24x7® titles that pertain to leadership
          • Search & Learn access to all assets in the KC

          Whether you are new to leadership or are a seasoned leader, there are resources in the KC for you -
          with a Focus On Performance to get you to the next level.  That includes YOU  if you want to:

          • Learn about leadership
          • Apply your leadership skills
          • Gain support with your leadership challenges