PDU Project Management for Non-Project Managers
What does everyone need to know about Project Management? This is a question that must be answered by Project Managers, exectives, and anyone in a position involving projects! Project Managers who want a different perspective for managing their teams can earn PDUs with these courses.

Professional Project Management is becoming more pervasive. Like "Electrification" occurred during the era of proliferation of electricity, "projectization" is occuring throughout the workforce and organizations. While most of the training emphasis is on professional project management, most people will not be professional project managers. Most will be team members, support personnel, subject matter experts, department managers, C-level executives, and related team positions.

The essential question is, "What knowledge level about project management do non-project managers need to have in order to function effectively on professionally managed projects?" To anser this question consider that over the past 25 years, with the proliferation of computers, virtually every worker has needed to acquire some level of computer hardware and software knowledge. This has included understanding the basics of Windows and MS Office, competence in using the internet, and the ability to use a variety of applications. Similarly, a basic level of knowledge is required to function effectively in a projectized world.
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Course Bundle: Project Management for Non-Project Managers - 9.0 hrs/PDUs (Category A), 3.0 hrs/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:
  • "Project Management Fundamentals - 2.5 hours/PDUs" Item No. proj_01_a01_bs_enus
  • "Transitioning into a Project Management Role - 3 hours, 0 PDUs" 
  • "Initiating and Planning a Project - 2 hours/PDUs" 
  • "Managing a Project - 2.5 hours/PDUs" 
  • "Troubleshooting and Closing the Project - 2 hours/PDUs" 
  • "Project Management for Non-Project Managers Simulation"
Project Management Fundamentals - 2.5 hours/PDUs (PMI Activity No. proj_01_a01_bs_enus)This course will enable someone who is not a professional project manager to learn the fundamentals of project management so he will be able to manage projects related to his area of responsibility within the organization.
Transitioning into a Project Management Role - 3 hours/PDUs (Category B)Time and experience will develop and refine your project management skills, but this course will prime you for the process of transitioning into a project management role. It will discuss the changes a new project manager may face, including the development of a successful project team.
Initiating and Planning a Project - 2 hours/PDUs (PMI Activity No. proj_01_a03_bs_enus)This course examines which factors should weigh in during the project selection process and how to effectively plan a project from beginning to end.
Managing a Project - 2.5 hours/PDUs (PMI Activity No. proj_01_a04_bs_enus)This course will help you manage the constraints of time, money, and schedules, and how they relate to the overall quality of your project and product.
Troubleshooting and Closing the Project - 2 hours/PDUs (PMI Activity No. proj_01_a05_bs_enus)This course outlines how to conduct effective meetings and presents some troubleshooting tools that can be used during the project life cycle. It also presents the information required to close the project, which is the last stage in project management.
Project Management for Non-Project Managers Simulation - 0.5 hour/PDUOver the course of the simulation, participants will be tested on the objectives of transitioning to project manager, managing an imposed project team, demonstrating effective leadership, monitoring project activities and quality, maintaining control of a project, and problem solving and recovering. The simulation Project Management for Non-project Managers comprises three scenarios and is based on the SkillSoft Series "Project Management for Non-project managers.