Advanced Project Management

The Advanced Project Management courses will raise your level of expertise in key project management areas:

  • achieve more effective stakeholder relationships
  • covers a range of estimating techniques
  • explores unique aspects of accelerated projects
  • surveys how to set up a project office
  • touches on project portfolio management
  • discusses project management maturity within organizations

These will give you a strong grasp of these areas and may reveal areas of opportunity and further exploration.

Business Planning Essentials will take it a step further into the broader, more strategic realm of the whole business.
Course Bundle: Business Planning Essentials - 3.0 hours/PDUs (Category A)This bundle includes:
  * "Business Planning Essentials: Preparing a Business Plan"
  •   * "Business Planning Essentials: Performing Key Analyses"
  •   * "Business Planning Essentials: Preparing for Implementation"