PDU Consulting With the Internal Client

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Essentials of Internal Consulting - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)You may already have a reputation as something of an area specialist. Perhaps you've now been asked to deploy your knowledge in an internal consulting role. Or maybe you've always been attracted to this role and you would now like to find out more? What will it mean for you? What does an internal consultant do? How do you become one? And if you have just become one, what is expected of you? This course addresses these questions. If it is a new role for you, it will support you and help you to
Internal Consulting Skills - 3.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)What skills do you need to be a successful internal consultant? What skills do you have already, and which should you develop further? This course gives you the opportunity to review your existing abilities and ways of improving your current performance. Internal consulting is not only about your specialist or technical knowledge. It's about your ability to communicate. If you fail to get your message across to other people, your ideas will be lost, and even your best plans will fail. Fundamenta
Establishing a Relationship with Internal Clients - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)Even if your clients are internal to your organization, you still need to spend time getting to know them, and understanding what it is they require from you. When you are dealing with internal clients, there may be a temptation to think you know everything about them, and about the project. This course will stop you from making that mistake. It will enable you to understand your clients' needs clearly, in terms of project requirements and the way they work. By understanding your clients, you w
Evaluating Internal Assignments - 4.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)So, is it success or failure? It's crucial that you take time to review your project and confirm outcomes on completion. What has been achieved, and what didn't go as planned? And how have you performed personally? Of course, success depends on your ability as an internal consultant to continually develop in the role, increase your skills, and make overall improvements in your performance. This course will help you to review internal consulting projects, complete successful handoffs, and identi
Consulting with the Internal Client SimulationInternal consultants have become more and more prevalent in the business world today. Rather than hiring an outside firm, many companies are building their own internal consulting units. These units are faster, cheaper, and more connected to the projects they manage. Internal consultants within these units must have strong communication, research, diagnostic, and presentation skills. In this simulation, you are a marketing manager at Millennium Mobility, a global manufacturing company that m