Human Resources

There are at least two reasons why you may want to take HR training for PDUs:
  1. You may be getting involved with the HR function on your projects and need to build a keen understand of human resources
  2. You may be interested in developing more savvy in dealing with HR issues on your project teams

These Human Resources courses include two course bundles on Human Resource topics with which Project Managers should be familiar.  If you are working within a smaller organization, it is likely that these could actually be your responsibility!  If you are working in a larger organizations, these may be the responsibility of a Human Resources professional.  In either case, effectiveness at these functions is critical to the success of your projects.
Course Bundle: Organizational Behavior - 5.0 hours/PDUs (Category A)This bundle includes:
  * Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior for the Individual
  •   * Fundamentals of Organizations – Groups
  •   * Understanding Organizational Power and Politics
  •   * Organizational Structure and Employee Behavior
  •   * Organizational Behavior: Dynamics of a Positive Organizational Culture
Course Bundle: The Role of HR as a Business Partner - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:
  * From Cost Center to Strategic Partner
  * Linking HR Functions with Organizational Goals
  * Managing Talent for Organizational Success
  * Using Metrics and Designing Strategic Initiatives
Course Bundle: Strategies for Successful Employee On-boarding - 3.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)This Course Bundle consists of the following courses:

  * Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: An Introduction
  * Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Getting Started
  * Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Assessing Program Success
Course Bundle: Recruiting and Retention Strategies - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:
  * "Recruiting Talent"
  * "Retaining Your Talent Pool"
  * "Creating a High-Retention Organizational Culture Simulation"
Course Bundle: Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring - 5.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:
  * "Screening Applicants for Interviewing"
  * "Preparing to Interview"
  * "Conducting an Effective Interview"
  * "Behavioral Interview Techniques"
  * "Selecting the Right Candidate"