Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), is a very popular best practice framework and certification today. The popularity of ITIL is based on the premise that information technology is becoming nearly ubiquitous; information technology is part of, or will soon be part of, nearly every product. This makes a framework for information technology services especially important, and ITIL is by far in the lead in this area.

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Combined Bundle: ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview PLUS Foundation Exam Prep - 20.5 hours/PDUs (Category A), 2.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)

This combined bundle includes:
 * Course Bundle: ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category A), 2.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)
 * Course Bundle: ITIL® 2011 Edition: IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations - 16.5 hours/PDUs (Category A)

ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation Exam Prep - 16.5 hours/PDUs (Category A)The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) 2011 Edition Foundation Syllabus bundle includes:

  •   * "ITIL® and the Service Lifecycle"
  •   * "Service Strategy Fundamentals"
  •   * "Service Strategy Processes"
  •   * "Service Design Fundamentals"
  •   * "Service Design Processes"
  •   * "Service Transition Processes and Policies"
  •   * "Introduction to Service Operation"
  •   * "Service Operation Processes"
  •   * "Continual Service Improvement"
ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category A), 2.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)The course bundle includes:
 * "ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview: Creating a Service Culture"
 * "ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview: Introduction to the ITIL® Framework"
 * "ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview: Certification and Benefits"
Course Bundle: ITIL® 2011 Edition Intermediate Level: Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) - 33.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)This Bundle includes:
  •   * Introduction to Operational Support and Analysis
  •   * Introduction to Event Management
  •   * Introduction to Incident Management
  •   * Incident Management Interactions
  •   * Introduction to Request Fulfillment
  •   * Request Fulfillment Process Interfaces and Challenges
  •   * Introduction to Problem Management
  •   * Problem Management Process Interfaces and Challenges
  •   * Introduction to Access Management
  •   * Introduction to the Service Desk
  •   * Service Desk Metrics and Outsourcing
  •   * Introduction to Functions
  •   * Function Activities
  •   * Technology and Implementation Considerations

ITIL certification scheme diagramThere are 4 ITIL certification levels, and here's what they're about:

ITIL Foundation Level This is the entry level (no entry requirements), and results in the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, where you become eligible to take further ITIL certifications within the scheme.  The ITIL  Foundation Exam is one hour long consisting of a 40 question multiple choice examination (passing score is 65%, or 26 of 40 correct) which can easily be taken at a Prometric or other location near you.  The ITIL Foundation Level curriculm provides you with familiarity with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices for IT Service Management, givning you a basic understanding of the ITIL framework or how ITIL can be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization.

ITIL Intermediate Level The ITIL Intermediate Level provides two specific streams of education: 1. the Service Lifecycle "Management" focused stream, and 2. the Service Capability "Process" focused stream. A series of study modules are available within both streams, each focussing on a different aspect of ITIL. The modular construct includes selections of specific Intermediate certifications, based on interest and aptitude, and individuals can build a personalized "portfolio" of ITIL certifications tailored to their own requirements.

ITIL Expert Level The ITIL Expert Level is awarded to candidates in recognition of their achievement of a number of certifications within the ITIL scheme, earlier ITIL schemes, and endorsed Complementary Qualifications which support ITIL.

ITIL Master The ITIL Master Level, the highest qualification within the scheme, is reserved for those individuals who through extensive practice have implemented defined ITIL disciplines and IT Service Management Best Practices within organizations. The ITIL Master Level scheme is currently in the final stages of development.

See the ITIL Official Site for more information about ITIL certification, including guidance on setting up to take an exam at a testing location close to you.