Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project training provides scheduling-related skills that you, as a project manager, need.  MS Project skills can also provide you with the skills to get you on a great project and develop valuable project experience.  

But what it does, more than anything else, is give you the confidence that comes from know-how - to have full command - in depth - of project schedule status on a complex project, at any time!  Now those are skills in high demand!

Instantly access the "Introduction to Project Management using Project 2010" course (1.0 Hours/PDUs).

Just click on the Give Me the Course Now button below for immediate access!

If you have a specific version or use of MS Project in mind, you can go directly to those pages:

The great thing is that this Microsoft Project online training can be at your fingertips within 24 hours,  This allows you to learn on YOUR schedule as it is available 24x7, and you can almost immediately start taking "bite size" lessons that will rapidly advance your MS Project knowledge and skills.  And there is something for you - Beginner or Advanced - no matter what your take you to the next and even on your way to becoming an MS Project guru!

Microsoft Project software is not required to run any of these courses...but you should put into practice what you are learning as soon as possible (that will require Microsoft Project).  Practice makes perfect...and these courses will enable you to practice much more effectively by guiding you step by step though lots of time-saving and profitable techniques.

PLUS you can be assured that the PMI accepts this Microsoft Project training for PMP PDUs.

Our Microsoft Project online training is thorough, comprehensive, and mapped to the Microsoft's certification requirements.  In addition, a certified mentor is available to you via email or chat, and "test prep" exam simulations are included to help you to pass the exam (and we guarantee it).  Plus, if you are a PMP, you'll earn PDUs.

See the video above to see how it works.