Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma certifications demonstrate a "hard skill" - a mastery of a technical topic - particularly for the Green Belt and Black Belt certifications - that can be directly applicable on the job.  These skills can provide an entre into the field...or can accelerate your career to higher levels.  It can also be very helpful in a management role, helping you lead efforts to develop more efficient processes and systems, envisioning new strategic initiatives for the company, and driving cultural change within the organization.  Six Sigma expertise is valuable not only in manufacturing, but in health care, services, and financial industries.  

The course bundles below provide a full lineup of Six Sigma courses for Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Six Sigma Champion training. The training is aligned to American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification exams, which are a common standard, and PMI PDUs can be earned by PMPs.
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Course Bundle: Six Sigma: Champion Training - 8.5 hours/PDUs (Category A), 3.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:

  * "Introduction to Six Sigma"
  * "Six Sigma Process Improvement"
  * "Six Sigma Projects and Project Teams"
  * "Managing and Deploying Six Sigma"
Course Bundle: Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep - All 19 Courses - 36.5 hours/PDUs (Category A)This course bundle includes all courses and knowledge areas required to prepare for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.
Course Bundle: Six Sigma Black Belt Exam Prep (2007 BOK) - All 30 Courses - 58.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)This course bundle includes all courses and knowledge areas required to prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt (2007 BOK) certification exam.
Course Bundle: Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence - 23.5 hours/PDUs (Category B)This bundle includes:
  * Leadership
  * Team Dynamics
  * Developing and Deploying Strategic Plans
  * Managerial Skills and Abilities
  * Communication Skills and Project Management
  * Quality Systems, Models and Theories
  * Problem Solving and Process Management Tools
  * Measurement: Assessment and Metrics
  * Customer-Focused Management
  * Supply Chain Management
  * Training and Development