The Client-Consultant Relationship - 5.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)
The Client-Consultant Relationship

The Client-Consultant Relationship

Getting to know your clients and their needs are the vital first steps to establishing productive working relationships. Understanding more about their organizations and what they expect from you will be essential if you are to provide a high-quality service that will excite them. You will also need to know how to recognize all the stakeholders and the real decision makers within an organization, and build teams that can function quickly and effectively.

Target Audience
Anyone with some specialist knowledge and general management experience who has recently moved, or is considering moving, into external consulting

Expected Duration
5.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Client Expectations

  • recognize the benefits of clarifying the consultant's role from the beginning.
  • characterize the different roles that external consultants may fill.
  • determine the appropriate external consulting role to use in a given scenario.
  • identify confidentiality issues within an external consulting scenario.
  • determine what to do about confidentiality and conflict of interest issues in a given situation.
  • analyze the terms of reference for a given project to determine whether they adequately establish the project boundaries.
  • The Entry Phase

  • recognize the benefits of understanding the client organization better from the start.
  • match different client types to the interest that they have in a project.
  • determine who the different decision makers and clients are in a given external consulting situation.
  • match different types of organizational culture to their associated characteristics.
  • classify the culture of an organization in a given consulting situation.
  • match the different methods of gathering information for a consulting assignment to the type of information gathered by each method.
  • analyze the type of information required, and how to gather it, in a given external consulting situation.
  • Creating a Partnership

  • recognize the benefit of building successful teams and partnerships with clients.
  • identify the characteristics of successful consulting teams.
  • determine the appropriate method for dealing with conflict in a given scenario.
  • match the elements of an external consulting contract to the associated characteristics of each element.
  • Course Number: CONS0112