Consulting with the Internal Client Simulation
Consulting with the Internal Client Simulation

Consulting with the Internal Client Simulation

Internal consultants have become more and more prevalent in the business world today. Rather than hiring an outside firm, many companies are building their own internal consulting units. These units are faster, cheaper, and more connected to the projects they manage. Internal consultants within these units must have strong communication, research, diagnostic, and presentation skills. In this simulation, you are a marketing manager at Millennium Mobility, a global manufacturing company that makes peripherals for handheld computers, PDAs, and mobile phones. The internal consulting unit at Millennium is expanding and you are interested in a position within that group. It won't be given to you though; you have to interview for it. If hired, you will have to practice your research, diagnostic, and presentation skills while working on an assignment. This simulation will help you learn and master these skills. The simulation is broken up into five scenarios, each at a different stage in an internal consultant's experience. They are: Getting the Job, Debriefing, Research, Diagnosis, and The Presentation. This simulation is based on the SkillSoft series "Consulting with the Internal Client" and has links to the following courses: CONS0121, CONS0122, CONS0123, CONS0124, and CONS0125.

Target Audience
New internal consultants or anyone interested in becoming an internal consultant

Expected Duration
0.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Consulting with the Internal Client Simulation

  • determining appropriate role and leadership styles.
  • interpreting client expectations and formalizing project scope.
  • practicing appropriate research methods.
  • correctly using diagnostic methods.
  • improving your practice.
  • overcoming resistance to change.
  • preparing and completing winning presentations.
  • practicing effective communication skills.
  • communicating how your experience is valuable.
  • obtaining and benefiting from a mentor.
  • managing your resources appropriately.
  • Course Number: CONS0120