Essentials of Internal Consulting - 4.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)
Essentials of Internal Consulting

Essentials of Internal Consulting

You may already have a reputation as something of an area specialist. Perhaps you've now been asked to deploy your knowledge in an internal consulting role. Or maybe you've always been attracted to this role and you would now like to find out more? What will it mean for you? What does an internal consultant do? How do you become one? And if you have just become one, what is expected of you? This course addresses these questions. If it is a new role for you, it will support you and help you to grow. If you have already begun, the course will enable you to pinpoint the activities that will become the mainstay of your role and help you to become a more effective internal consultant.

Target Audience
Anyone with some specialist knowledge who has recently moved, or is considering moving, into internal consulting

Expected Duration
4.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Defining Internal Consulting

  • recognize the benefits inherent in the role of internal consultant.
  • characterize the role of an "internal consultant".
  • match the different ways of working as an internal consultant with their associated benefits.
  • assign candidate attributes or qualities as essential or desirable to the role of internal consultant.
  • determine whether or not a specified character is well-suited to be an internal consultant.
  • Internal Consulting Approaches

  • recognize the value of adopting different consulting styles when dealing with internal clients.
  • match the tasks undertaken by internal consultants with descriptions.
  • characterize different internal consulting styles.
  • interpret information about a client to decide upon the most appropriate consulting style to use.
  • match advantages to each internal consulting venue.
  • What's Expected of You

  • recognize the value of knowing what is expected of you, as an internal consultant.
  • select the reasons why an internal consultant is required.
  • assess the reasons why an internal consultant was used for a specific project.
  • select typical errors made by poor consultants.
  • analyze common errors and recommend improvements in the way an internal consultant handled a given consulting situation.
  • Course Number: CONS0121