The Model Leader - 2.0 hours/PDUs (Category B)

The Model Leader

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"Leaders...know how to dance the old dance. We all grew up in traditional organizations with conventional leader and role models. Now the music has changed. We don't know the new steps and there are not footprints on the floor." Peter R. Schools' words accurately reflect the challenges of leading today. You have to be able to develop a diverse team that can achieve optimum performance. You have to know how to motivate a variety of individuals. And you have to be willing to shed the old ways of thinking to make room for the new. This course will start you on that path.

Target Audience
Supervisors, managers, and coaches

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Lesson Objectives
The Model Leader
  • recognize the benefits of developing an effective work team.

  • identify methods for building an effective team.

  • choose methods leaders use to get organized.

  • identify what a team needs to be ready for self-management.

  • recognize the value of using the concepts of proactive pluralism to deal with diversity.

  • choose reasons why diversity is relevant to today's businesses.

  • select concepts that reflect managing through proactive pluralism.

  • identify methods for using diversity during the four stages of team-building.

  • recognize the importance of strong working relationships to a leader.

  • differentiate examples of internal and external motivators.

  • identify ways to influence people to move in desirable directions.

  • identify strategies leaders can use to create and maintain strong working relationships with and among their people.

  • recognize the importance of a leadership style that will meet the needs of the 21st-century workplace.

  • identify changes in the workplace that stimulate the evolution of leadership.

  • differentiate between the characteristics of transactional and transformational leadership.

  • sequence the four steps of the future leadership model.

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